About Us

One of the consistent complaints from most artists is that they often miss workshops and seminars simply because they were not aware.

Most of us just don’t have the time or the ability to conduct in-depth Internet searches for this information and often-times we find out about something that we would be interested in either after it is over or when the event is fully booked.

This new website allows any artist or club to post their up-coming workshops, seminars, shows and exhibits.  All posts will be monitored and vetted before going live to ensure that those from the sewer of life are excluded.

If you do post an event, it is important that the dates and times are correct (there are clear drop-down menus), and that it is error-free because once it is live it will not be changed.  Photos and posters also can be easily rotated and sized and it is important to preview what you have done before publishing to correct any mistakes.  In cases of cancellation or date changes, you will need to use the Contact Form to request removal of the erroneous post which will allow you to re-post if needed.

When perusing listed events, you may find it more informative visually by selecting “View As List” on the top Search panel above the Upcoming Events line but other choices included the Month and Year views are equally clear with pop-up screens for each event.

We hope that you find this work-in-progress helpful and we are always open to suggestions.

Leslie and Bob Cross, Renfrew, Ontario